I’m Lisa Rigoli, HR Director, Instagram Mentor, wife to my childhood friend, and mom to two beautiful girls. Let’s just say, I proudly wear #allthehats! 

For 5+ years I’ve been juggling the corporate and side business life. I’m passionate about working with other busy hustlers that are looking to build a side empire that creates impact. Intentional content strategy that helps attract, nurture, and convert ideal clients with ease, without spending countless hours on the ‘Gram, is the name of the game (and is how I do it all)! 

hey Side Hustler

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Before I was Lisa of The Corporate Side Hustler and Instagram Marketing Mentor, I was getting ready to interview for THE job. 

I’m here to help you build your authority &


in less time

on the 'gram

The job I’d worked for 9 years to earn. 
The job I told myself “defined my success.” 
The 6-figure salary, high-profile job that I could retire in. 

As I sat outside the interview room waiting for my name to be called, I got nervous. 

I'm Lisa!

The Binge Worthy Content Membership provides you with weekly prompts designed to help you take ONE topic and create a post, reel, AND IG story for the week! These prompts help you show up consistently so you can focus on building an engaged and loyal following instead of stressing over what to post. 

This course is your next-level support system to help you establish what you want to be known for, define your content pillars, and help you write months worth of scroll stropping IG content that will keep your audience coming back for more...every single time! 

This intensive helps you show up intentionally on the ‘Gram, with a content launch plan that builds your authority + a strategy AND creates the space to nurture your dream client in the DMs...from hmmm, this sounds interesting to whipping out her credit card before you even open your cart doors! 




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