hey there & welcome!

I’m Lisa! 

7 years ago, I was getting ready to interview for THE job! You know, the one you dream of for years, the one that defines your professional success in the corporate world. As I was sitting outside of the interview room waiting for my name to be called, I had this overwhelming feeling of regret hit me like a sucker punch to the gut. 

I knew I was about to make a huge mistake. 

I was getting ready to say a loud YES, to climbing the corporate ladder while simultaneously screaming NO to the work life balance I desired. 

I was realizing that at the age of 32, I had made a great many sacrifices for a career that I wasn’t even sure I wanted anymore – and maybe had never wanted in the first place. I was living alone in a small, studio apartment with no dating life and just a whisper of a social life.
I would actually plan vacations and pay for them, but cancel last minute because I was fearful of taking time off, letting someone else do my job, or missing out on an opportunity to prove myself at work.

BUT, the weird thing is...even though I had those gut-wrenching knots in my stomach, and some massive realizations about my life leading up to that point, I wasn't quite ready to walk away from corporate. I was just ready to have something I could call my own, so that when the time was right I would have an established foundation in order to give myself options. 

My business journey began in 2014, and has made several pivots since. I started out as a career coach turned business coach. Today I am a Social Media Strategist, specializing in Instagram content creation. Throughout my business journey, I realized the value of telling your own story to make real connections with your audience. 

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been exactly where you are. I’m likely walking in your shoes right now. From being a mom of 2 girls under 2, a wife of 3 years, a business owner, and a leader in corporate...I know a little bit about juggling all the things. 

The biggest realization I had waiting outside of that interview room years ago, was that I needed to create options for myself without sacrificing my time. 

Today, one of the most thrilling parts of my business is helping other women recognize the power of showing up in their business in a way that feels good, without spending countless hours on ‘The Gram. I help my clients nurture their audience the right way, attract the right people, and convert them into one of the 3 C’s - clients, colleagues, or collaboration partners.