The Binge Worthy

The step-by-step framework that simplifies content creation and helps you connect directly to your ideal followers without spending countless hours on the ‘Gram!

You can build a profitable business that is booked out, waitlisted, and exclusive all on the ‘Gram.

By creating content that turns your followers into raving fans, y’know, Bachelorette style!

but how?

That’s right, I am sharing my exclusive SPICEy Content Method, to help you build your authority and grow your audience. 

No more twiddling your thumbs and getting stuck in post-mageddon wondering what to post, what to share, and how to do it consistently, or 

Wondering the age old question of will they or won’t they engage with me, like me, trust me, buy from me or work with me.

Say hello to:

more free time
connection with your ideal clients!

hey! guess what..

i have something special for you


This video + workbook is a proven framework to help post strategically, show up consistently and create a more cohesive brand that will help you grow your audience on authority on the ‘Gram 

You need the framework that will set you in the right direction with your business and the right strategies for quick and binge-worthy content. 



I’m giving away my signature content framework that you can rinse and repeat with Posts, Reels, IG Stories, IG Live and IGTV! 

72 plug-and-play SPICEY captions
Bite sized training videos for you to implement this framework right away
Interactive Content Planner for you to map out your SPICEY Content
Training Videos and Workbooks to help guide you each step of the way


5-Step SPICEy Content Framework for planning out 3-months worth of content in 3 hour or less. 


Signature content writing method that converts followers into clients, colleagues or collaboration partners. 


Maximize your time by organizing your content so it becomes effortless to schedule, outsource, or repurpose content.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Here's What's Inside:

exclusive access to

(Valued at $199)

(Valued at $699)

(Valued at $399)


- 6 Videos
- PDFs and Workbooks
- 72 plug + play captions 

You’ll get instant access to go through the course at your own pace

Self-paced option:

let's do this

Before I was Lisa of The Corporate Side Hustler and Instagram Marketing Mentor, I was getting ready to interview for THE job. 

I’m here to help you build your authority &


in less time

on the 'gram

The job I’d worked for 9 years to earn. 
The job I told myself “defined my success.” 
The 6-figure salary, high-profile job that I could retire in. 

As I sat outside the interview room waiting for my name to be called, I got nervous. 

I knew deep down I was chasing something I was going to regret. The whole year prior, I wrestled with how to create my own rules, run my own business, and become my own boss. I wanted more, but I didn’t know where to start. 

I also wasn’t ready to leave corporate. I just wanted something that could help me pay off some debt, save some money, and when the time was right, have the ability to leave (a Kiss Corporate Goodbye Exit Plan). 

I wanted a way to make all of this happen without a ton of time on my hands, and with help and guidance from someone who understood exactly how to help me navigate this process with ease. 

Enter the Binge-worthy Content Method - the thing I wish I’d had when I was where you are right now!

Did we just become best friends? 


Know exactly who it is that you’re going to serve so you can show up on Instagram and talk about your offer with confidence?

Have an actual plan of what you need to do on Day 1, Day 30, Day 90 (and so-on)

Create a droolworthy, eye-catching & captivating Instagram grid that builds the know, like and trust factor with your ideal followers

Work from a framework that is niche-specific and allows you to stand out

How it would feel to:

Generate 3-months’ worth of content in THREE hours or LESS?!

Put out content that disrupts your ideal client’s scroll, improves your engagement, and gets your followers DMing you like crazy for your services?

Kissed Corporate Goodbye

Built her authority on the 'Gram using Content Pillar Framework

Mapped out TWELVE - weeks worth of Content in ONE hour

Meet Cat!

I've got answers to

frequently asked questions

Right now is a busy time for me and I’m worried I won’t have time! Do I need to stick tight to a timeline or can I go at my own pace?

This whole course is entirely self-paced, meaning, you are in charge! Go at a pace that feels good for you, friend! When you’re juggling all the things, time is a precious resource. I get it! I want you to take your time, implement as you learn, and be able to go back through the modules as often as you want. You can do it all in a week, a month, or a year! Everyone’s journey will look different, as it should!

How long will I have access to the content? Will the course expire?

This course includes lifetime access, aka you will have this content always and forever! I am constantly tweaking, adjusting, adding to it, and recording new content, so once you’re in, you’re in for everything I ever create for it!

I’ve bought other courses before and have been disappointed. How is yours any different?

As someone who is also juggling all the things, I too am pressed for time, so I am slightly obsessed 😉 with helping you maximize your efforts so you’re able to use Instagram effectively in ALL things Posts, Reels, IG Stories, IGTVs and IG Lives. 

I’m going to teach you how to use your voice, your expertise, and your story in a new way that works for you and your biz to attract genuine, engaged followers who want to connect with you and soak up every bit of your expertise… not just the freebies and challenges, but also pay you for it!

What happens once I purchase? 

Self-paced option - You’ll get instant access to course modules complete with videos, workbooks, swipe files, cheat sheets, and bonuses! 

Interactive option - go through each of the modules with me live for one week starting Monday February 8, 2021 and ending Friday February 12, 2021 . 2 Live training zoom sessions, where I’m providing some additional training and answering ALL your Q’s, plus instant access to the course materials and bonuses.