your 6-week launch plan for Instagram - that includes all things engagement, nurture, and content

Ever wonder how other service pros fill spots BEFORE they even open the cart doors? 

It’s all a result of their launch plan! 


Creating and implementing a launch plan that takes your dream client from just browsing to whipping out her credit card every time you launch, can feel extremely daunting. BUT, it doesn’t have to be...

The secret to getting your warm leads to become hot + ready to buy leads, is more than JUST creating spicy and value packed content that will grow Bachelor fan level love for everything you offer! It’s all about having the best engagement and nurture strategy too! 

I’ve got your 6-week launch plan for Instagram, that covers #allthethings engagement, nurture, and content. Let’s be real...who doesn’t want the roadmap to plan the BEST LIVE LAUNCH EVER?! 

i have something special for you

Lead Gen 101: How to Effectively Nurture Your Audience During a Launch Masterclass


This 60-minute live masterclass is for the entrepreneur who is strapped for time but ready to experience cash infusion. I’ll be sharing what you need to have prior to your launch and what to do during your launch so you’re hella aware of who you’ll be nurturing on day 1 through day 42.


Say buh-bye to creating pop-up facebook groups, FREE training videos, and the overwhelm on how to nurture your email list…

Spend more time showing up intentionally on the ‘Gram, with a 6-week live launch plan that builds your authority + a strategy that creates the space to nurture your dream client in the DMs. 

This is your time to slow down, reflect, and take inventory of your business. On the intake form you’ll dig deep into what’s working and what’s not - everything from your offer, to auditing your leads list, to reviewing your revenue goals. This deep dive gives me and my team an analysis of your business, providing us with the tools and resources to customize and create your unique launch plan. 


We all know there is so much intentionality that goes into launching! Why spend huge amounts of time creating content or figuring out what reel, carousel post or IG story to create to captivate your audience? 

When you’re kicking off a live launch, you want your content plan already mapped out and your content created, so that you can focus on engaging and nurturing your leads...amiright?! 

During this phase we create the content and write the copy for your 6-week launch plan to take your dream client from lukewarm to hot and ready to buy. We’ll also map out your launch engagement and nurture strategy, to help build your Bachelor-level fan base.  


You want the white glove treatment? 

Let’s be honest, it takes A LOT of time to create content and then figure out an engagement strategy...and you’re still left with the implementation of it all! 

You’re ready to go all in on your ‘Gram Live Launch, and get back-pocket support from me and my team as we create, write, and schedule your launch content and engage with your leads.  

You’ll walk away with YOUR live launch plan, content, copy, and strategy DONE, so that you can crush your launch...this time and, Every. Single. Time. after!


You have a plan (or can make one) but need plug & play guidance on your 6- week content plan in order to take your leads from “I like her content” to “I need her offer”

We help you bring your content to life with a customized plug & play content launch plan (these are not your grandmother’s plug & play templates!), giving you the framework to engage, nurture, and convert your dream clients.  

Do It Yourself

Done With You

Done For You

Get hands-on support and leave the creation of your best launch up to me and my team of experts! 

This is for the service pro who is ready to reduce the overwhelm of what to do and when to do it. 

My team and I will craft your launch plan, write your copy + content, and create an engagement strategy - so that you can stop asking, “will my offer sell?”  

Not quite ready for Done For You? 

Done With You, gives guided support in co-creating your content launch plan. Together we will write the copy + content for your launch, so that you can implement it with ease. 

This is for the service pro who needs their unique 6-week content plan written out with them! 

"I didn’t know what to post or when to post. I couldn’t get any traction. I was feeling defeated, frustrated. Majority of my leads found me on Instagram, but I felt like I couldn’t make a good showing of it! 

While working with Lisa I was able to stay consistent on social and even get ahead! I learned how to make reels. I put together a launch strategy for my course, Customize without Code, and ran my first Instagram challenge! Of my challenge participants, 20% purchased my course during my first launch and I met my launch goal! My average number of monthly leads increased 60% and I finally felt confident to take on new changes to Instagram like reels. With Lisa’s guidance I was able to identify trends and choose the appropriate reel type to get 1000s of views."

Becca Wood, Website Designer 

Investment ranges from: $999 - $3999
Payment Plans Available 


Each tier gets access to Binge Worthy Content Method 
The Binge Worthy Content Method - is my signature step-by-step framework that simplifies content creation and helps you connect directly to your ideal followers without spending countless hours on the ‘Gram!